Sunday, May 5, 2013

to my Master

O Master
not that i have not tried,
but your disciple - I,
so stricken in love for what is
caresses every thorn that pricks the tender feet,
as a part of itself, and stoops on every pebble
that claims to block my way... a pretentious emotion.

O Master
i am so torn in dialogues of dreams
that the journey that was to begin upon a way foretold
ends with a search for steps back to the road
from which i in the morning began,
and lost myself in the wayside forest
being, dreaming, musing but never disobeying.

O Master
the sun never sets upon my land
the breeze is never felt
its a day within the night often moonlight in the shade of a tree
the stillness of nature within the motion of a storm,
and a droplets singular journey's story told, within a crashing wave;
the elements all exist within my being with enough love to share.

O Master
the principles that i seek to preach
live and breathe within The Design
of every stir of a leaf and stillness of every rock
of every social error of human action as in thy spiritual regime
where breath, movement and existence itself is a principle
and are best lived pondering in loneliness.

O Master
the heaven that i always seek
appears behind every corner, every tree and
vanishes as it occurs, it guides, but is never caught- comprehended
my blessing is to live a life where my concious participation
is a meditative solitude and every happening explained-unexplained
the elixir of life.

...  but someday I shall join the band o master
upon the un-tread land.
with a crowd that appreciates the notes and music of Earth
and with ones who have its breeze, its wind its sun as Scriptures
and live their fate  in a stillness of a speech from a priest ordained
they are discovering-composing O lord!, the music in Thy Lyre
and someday We shall sing.


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