Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Dialogue with my Fate

Below the culvert of Two heavens,
A little being Your son - I
Crowding around me a MYSTERY,
YOU- a loving Father.

Less to reason and more to YOUR PATH
I resist with my little MIND,
The mystery called YOU,
With all the might of I.

In within this shrouding mystery,
Much of my I sleeps and dreams
And through this, more than YOU

Have mercy O Father
Have mercy O Father
My loss, My burden
are all too much to take.

My heart awaits on the Rack
To be sentenced.
There is grief there is fear, there is dejection,
In this silence called I.

O heavens, let the MYSTERY loose,
Let the animals off their leashes,
For me to brave the circus
To tame or to perish.

In the waiting I.

~ A.

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