Saturday, September 14, 2013

Colour Palette

Tactile blinded warmth
of the colour palette
I heave to an array of forms, 
fluids, tints and hope
streaks of shades impressed
by the blade of your strokes.

Brushing my formlessness
with the ebbs and troughs 
of body and soul-unite
carving images-shapes
meaningless to the world
but to passions known.

Fiery red of your saree
staining the canvas though
dexterity of the craft reveled
moist at the corner of your eyes
floating passions delight and drop 
a dash of silver from your anklets chime.

With the emptiness anointed
to a fervent evanescent joy.
on your brow is a bindi smear
a taint from the instinct poured
in my soul and a reminder of the 
rapture dyed in coloured trance.


evanescent - vanishing; dexterity -  mastery ; revel - rejoiced ; rapture - euphoria, ecstasy. 

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