Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ageless Ark

Lets create
something for good
I will be the CRAFT and
you be the WOOD.

Let me uproot you
from the trunks of
long-run mellowed trees
that divide into
beyond the reach
of the purlins
of the kirk on high,
leaving your origins
into the soil stung roots

Let me
wedge you in the back
with a cut about
two inches deep
so that you,
with soft winds
to natural inclinations
your xylem rings
and memories of
ageless time.

Let me be your Master
as I axe you
with my power blows,
screening you
through your divide
let your bark and sheaths be
stripped aside
for I
have a glimpse into your
sap and heartwood
be my soul and guide
my hands
through your resins
or let the reflexes of
my muscles memory

Let me feel
the woody you
as you allow my craft
along the grains of your
natural spline
and me with my
panel saw
cut you in rafters
which I shall later join
up to the keel
doft with twitches of
iron nails
holding the ribs
and the knee
to a firm clinker built
and perfect shapes entwined.

Lets create
something for good
I will be the craft and
you be the wood.

I know when the
age of formation is past
sooner or later the
day shall arrive
when as the treasures of
the world you shall vessel
floating along the
contours of the
rising tides.
I might be missed in
the eludes of time
or in a double-cross
my name will in the list
but only if you let me through
will many through my CRAFT survive
O! wood of the Ageless Ark.

~ A

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