Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dream Unchained

.... and little whirlpools
around tender feet
formed in the shallows
of a woody spring,
small fishes and shells
in the playful shallows
reflecting light skimming
on the surface
posing a shine
and trees arming
the rustic breeze
with a freedom
fragrant echoing chirps
unsettled around the
setting sun
shapes of clouds
changing as we gaze
and new stories
emerging from our
hearts resting on eyes
for a vision outside
to a sight within.
Together yet alone
and the time past
through poetry
Often clinging together
in the pages
within jumbled verses
and meanings emerge
as an experience
of life so kind
to a day that is past
in a village
on the rocks
by the stream
a setting sun
to skim through
the night with
a dream unchained


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