Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Resplendent pleasure and pain
Festivities in religious ardour
Amulets of Love
Riddled righteous passion
Fragrance of Alistonia
Crazing the lazy daybreak hour
De-greased‎ hides, suedes and Feather
Dhaki rolls the Kathi fervour
Reds smudge hems of feet
Cinnabar brow-smears
Lal-paar tasseled anchals
Durga in her valour
Chakra, club, conch, lotus, arrows, spears,
thunderbolt, trident
SHE is
Still in an eighteen-armed blow
To the two armed Mahishasur..
piercing his heart
Trinkets of blood in the falling
Tiger clawing the wounded-asur
Is breached by the stillness of festivity
Mahishasur Mardini exudes
Shrieks of joy, Sounds of clanking
Conch-Naad, Bells and Verses
Sorrows and Joys are blessings
Crimes of Love bestowing
STILLNESS in a victory hour.....
~ A

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