Sunday, May 19, 2013

............... the day the wise man spoke................

The need not felt, expresses itself,
In measures which are forbidden, low.
The love for life had cast its spell,
And deep within the dewy dell,
I brewed dreams forbidden though,
To living shapes and mortals low....  (INCIDENT)
The life that grew as a tumultuous brook,
In mountain folds and treasured grooves
With prized appearance, lovely sure,
Is bathed in gore from human strife,
and frozen cold and seeks for self,
the hallowed wealth, of human pleasures black and grey..... (YOU)

I cared too much for little things,
And hence was bent with all my strength, for
The gashes sealed and long back healed
with passions from a human shape
erupted now, and pained me to my very core.
And well against the lessons learned, was seeking for a human touch.... (ME)

Unlearning is the law of life
and knowing the wide man’s destiny
The heart is but a touchy thing
Seek for self the inner wealth, not
Treaties from a love secure,
And live by mind that yearns for more, knowing not man’s night and day ...(ADVICE
                                                                                                            FROM THE WISE MAN)

The path today, as ever before
Will make man run till evermore,
As fate – Without has witfully stored.
But life would be a generous fit,
And joys will reel, as never before,
With cravings less and learning more....... (PHILOSOPHY)

The pain that grew and pierced me through,
Though silenced then, (as lions within a golden den)
Awaits for the moment to surge and seek a broken shape
Life has less seeking now,
That seas and winds are forever friends,
For man within his folds does hold, tyrannies from an uncouth mind .... (EXPRESSION)

Sept 1996

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