Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reality Divorced on the junction of Tudor Park

On the  corner of the UN
with an ageless blade of steel,
was uprooted for a cause
probably there was one
with none to mourn
but the breeze and the stones.

My trunk had grown too strong
and the roots had dug deep
firming with the foundations around
pushing ways that were mine
deep into the ways and meanings 
that only the chainsaw owned.

On the border of the roads and dreams
I stood with my brothers for an age  
- reminiscent emotions from forbidden lands
rooting for life and shade
the throttled teeth and innocent beings
could only partly understand.

Probably I leaned too much
or my dried leaves littered a resplendent emotion
into the rocks the paved lanes held.
someday the muggy tar shall upturn
and my lineage shall leap to life
to cherish OUR share together. 

Trunk was slit, the branches shredded
Aimless roots in the soil rejoice
that to OUR worlds belong
restless shoots aroused the Caution
the wayside souls could trip
some of my breed still enrich
the inert nature of 1st Avenue, 43rd Street.

~ A.

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