Monday, June 24, 2013


Is there a difference 
either today is not true
or yesterday was false.
Have I awakened to the fact-
"Life is more about disbelieving
than accepting, belonging owning".

My breath only a Clothes-line
naked neat clear cold
pinned to the beginnings
swinging across space and time 
with a force challenging the holds.

By each morning's light,
an array of coloured shapes,
adorn enriched - promises
clipped to me - ah! a dream,
are parched dry in the heat
hooked clamped to me 
only for my force to hold. 

You can see and smell
their rich fragrance release
by the flipping breeze
of bodies-occasions-shapes
weaving an array of tales
mesmerizing noise of life
to which I swing and play
all day. 

Colours shed by the night.
The time-tied transience
of prosperous shapes and dreams
the clothes-line thinks it owned
Was it not a recharge stop by,
finally to enrich and colour those
to whom they belong.
On evenings I shiver as they 
leave me to homeless nights
with only a bare,unrealized
ill-clad incomplete lifeless Self
clinching to the ends.

It is an unsaid promise
to all my brothers and creed
that untold stories shall pour
with fresh colours shape and grace
pinned to our breath each day,
if only we can live the destitute nights
and to the nailed ends hold
and this was our Life.

~ A

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