Thursday, August 1, 2013

The love all game continues longest – SQUASH Poetry

Initially we were just knocking and
then the love game began.
LOVE ALL !! they exclaimed.
It was in a fit that we surged
to hit and serve,
and hold the court that was divided
between us in one closed space.
The game seemed to be endless
till the time it was a  LOVE game.
When one dropped the other served.

Love ONE !
Oh ! it was a mistake.
The game shall move to an end
when the race for point began.
the Rules for this race for were known
but who cared, I was there for the thrill.
To take every service
I had to rush forward to play
And after the shot, hold my court back.
It was ONE Love!
And the service changed
Soon it was LOVE 2..
My partner got a chance
when I made a service fault.
So this time to gain a point
I place the ball well out of the reach.

The game shall sometime conclude
but all I know is
In the end one love is enough
to make me loose....
We always loose to a love.

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